Utilizing the WAYO-NERO (Aunt-Uncle) Strategy as a Vehicle for Improving Access to Mental Health Services in Post Conflict Northern Uganda - PI Herbert Muyinda

Funded by Grand Challenges Canada the research started in September 2012. This is a 3 year intervention research project being implemented in the Districts of Gulu, Nwoya and Amuru. It aims to; Increasing access to care and utilization of mental health services for people with common mental illnesses (depression, PTSD, suicide behavior and anxiety disorders);Reduce stigma among people with mental illnesses and their families and assess the effectiveness of Wayo-Nero model in enhancing access to and utilization of mental health services. A Baseline survey was conducted between January and June 2013). Psychiatric Nurses have been recruited and trained and 360 Wayos and Neros (Mental Health Community Counsellors) have also been selected by the community and have been trained. The main problems being presented by the community include depression, alcoholism, epilepsy, shortage of the necessary medicines, and failure to respond to referral due to fear of stigma and long distances to the health facilities.