CHDC promotes holistic responses to children, women and communities’ health needs through multidisciplinary research, training and strengthening of partnerships between the university, communities and government

Child Health and Development Centre (CHDC) maintains a resource center/library aimed at strengthening the center’s goal as a research and training unit for the University. The collection was initiated as far back as before 1989 then under the Department of Paediatrics and Child Health. When the CHDC became autonomous in 1989, the growth of the library was speeded up and has been expanding over the years. The library has substantial collection of both published and grey literature and has widened its collection not only to include materials on women and children related issues but also on the various research methodologies. It has redefined its collection to include areas of reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, nutrition and child health. The library has an audio-visual materials section with a collection, which includes video tapes and audio tapes. Currently the library has a collection of 6,378 records all entered in the computerized catalogue. Although there is currently no subscription to any journal titles in bound form, the library provides on-line access to Journal to access the current research articles given its 24-hour access to Internet. The only exception is the newspapers where the library has subscribed to the New Vision. Other resources that the library has include papers and personal notes of former researchers, students’ thesis and research reports by CHDC and its affiliates. The Centre also has a researcher database maintained and regularly updated for identifying researchers with relevant skills. The library targets - University students and staff, researchers, policy makers and the general public.