Dr Herbert Muyinda

Herbert Muyinda is a Social Anthropologist and Director at the Child Health and Development Center, College of Health Sciences, Makerere University, Uganda. He has extensive knowledge of working with vulnerable populations and has long experience of qualitative/ethnographic research. He has done research on disability in conflict situations and among children in rural areas. Currently he is working on Uncertainties in Access to HAART in Northern Uganda. Before, Herbert was a Regional Technical Coordinator of Uganda Nutrition and Early Childhood Development project (NECDP), Western Region. The NECDP was a capacity building project to improve the nutrition of children under five in the rural areas. The project involved both government and private partnerships, and built important physical and social infrastructure to improve nutrition and early childhood development at community level. He has made a number of publications on HIV/AIDS and STDs, disability, conflict, and poverty. Herbert has a PhD in Social Anthropology from the University of Copenhagen, a Masters in Public Administration and Management from Makerere University, and in 2010/11, he was a Fellow at the Wissensshaftskolleg Institute of Advanced Study in Berlin.

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