Targeted Interventions to Address HIV Vulnerabilities and Improve Clinical Outcomes Among Conflict-Affected Adolescent Girls and Young Women Under 25 in Northern Uganda

Heightened risk of HIV, syphilis & sexual violence among women in Northern Uganda is markedly higher than national averages from the Ugandan AIDS Indicator Survey. Women in Northern Uganda overall were 68% more likely to be HIV+ than men at baseline. Young women, less than 25 years were 368% more likely than young men to be HIV+.

Funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) between 2019 to 2022, the objective of this study is to pilot and test feasibility and acceptability of comprehensive mHealth package to support engagement in HIV care among conflict-affected young women living with HIV in Northern Uganda 

Ongoing, is a Sero-survey following a cohort of 932 adolescent girls and Young Women 13-24 years